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Aldbourne Parish Council meets on the first Wednesday of each month (excluding August; December or January) at 7:30pm in the Memorial Hall, Aldbourne.  

All parishioners are most welcome to attend these meetings.


15/10/18 Public toilets
Both public toilets have had to be locked due to vandalism. They are likely to remain closed for some time as they require a plumber and specialist cleaning.

Herbicide Spraying
Spraying of the bed of the Bourne to remove weeds is scheduled to take place along South Street (between the Square and Farm Lane) and at the bottom of Lottage Road. This is to ensure its effective flow during the winter and minimise the risk of flooding in the village. On the same day spraying of the tennis courts in Southward Lane to remove moss and weeds is also scheduled to take place.  The work and the herbicide to be used have been approved by the Environment Agency and it will be carried out by a qualified contractor engaged by the Parish Council. 

We anticipate that the spraying will take place on Monday 15th October or, if the weather is unsuitable then, later in the week. - Due to the rain today (15/10) , a new date is being set for this work. 

As a common sense precaution to avoid any possible risks, please ensure that children and pets do not enter the Bourne or the tennis courts during spraying and immediately afterwards, until the herbicide has dried. 

If you have any questions please feel free to contact:

Karen Clay, Parish Clerk on 01793 861404 or at aldbournepc@yahoo.co.uk
Nick Josephy, Parish Council Flood Warden on 07990 554076 or at nickjosephy@hotmail.com


11/10/18 Housing Needs Survey
The Aldbourne Neighbourhood Plan team and Wiltshire Council have worked together to create the Aldbourne Housing Needs survey; a copy of the survey is currently being distributed to every household in the community.

Please do complete the survey and return to Wiltshire Council by using the pre-paid envelope included in the package.  Or you can complete it on-line at by clicking on the link below and selecting Aldbourne & Additional survey questions for Aldbourne. http://www.wiltshire.gov.uk/housing-local-housing-needs

The anonymous data gathered will be analysed by Wiltshire Council with the results given to the Neighbourhood Plan team. This data will be important in understanding the future housing needs in our community.

If you need to contact a member of the NP team, email: aldbourne.np@gmail.com

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