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Aldbourne Parish Council meets on the first Wednesday of each month (excluding August; December or January) at 7:30pm in the Memorial Hall, Aldbourne.  

All parishioners are most welcome to attend these meetings.

Thames Water are still working to reduce the surcharging in the village centre, and will continue to clean the areas affected whilst it is still occurring. There are plans to over-pump at Preston to further decrease water levels in the village.

24 December
We are aware of the surcharging from manholes in the vicinity of The Square. Thames Water have been advised and have arranged for a tanker to be set up in the village to keep the water levels down in the affected drains. Please take sensible precautions in relation to footwear and hygiene if you have to traverse through any water that is/has been affected by surcharging.

Flood Warden Letter 2019

A reminder of where you can get help and who to contact in the event of flooding to your property. Flooding Help Information 2019

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