Flood Wardens

Aldbourne has a Flood Plan and a team of volunteer Flood Wardens

Flood Warden Message – 10 April 2018

Ground water levels and possible sewer surcharges

Just when it seemed like spring was here and the risk of flooding and sewer surcharging had passed for the year, the recent dismal weather has led to rising ground water levels in the village and these are now at a level where infiltration into the sewers is happening. There is a risk of sewers backing up in low lying properties and of surcharging from the inspection hatches in the street.

Thames Water is taking the following action to minimise the risk of this happening:

1. Sending tankers to the village to pump out from inspection hatches in the Square and possibly elsewhere. They may be in contact with individual households to discuss blocking off their sewer s and pumping them out regularly, to avoid the risk of them backing up internally.

2. Positioning an eco-filtration unit, which can accept excess volumes from the sewer and filter it before discharge into the Bourne, in the parking area outside the Library. This would only be activated in consultation with the Environment Agency.

If you are concerned about the risk of sewage contamination in your property the 24 hour customer helpline telephone number for Thames Water is 0800 316 9800. Or you can look on their website at https://www.thameswater.co.uk/Help-and-Advice/Drains-and-Sewers

Aldbourne Flood Plan


Nick Josephy (Flood Warden)
Mobile: 07990 554076

Jim Oliver (Flood Warden)
Mobile: 07950 950064

Graham Cook (Flood Warden)
Telephone: 01672 540179

Alan Watson (Flood Warden)
Telephone: 01672 540580